Treat your skin to the best science and nature have to offer with a custom facial.

Initial Facial

“This facial treatment is recommended for all first time clients. It is an additional 25 minutes for a thorough analysis of your skin and extended relaxation.”

Classic Facial

“This traditional facial improves the health and vitality of your skin. Removes dullness, replenishes hydration, and leaves you with a clean and refreshed complexion. Cleanse, stimulate, and nourish.”

Exclusive Facial

“Perfect for acne prone and combination skin. This facial purifies, soothes inflammation, and improves the metabolism of the skin. The result will leave you with a clear, healthy, even complexion. Detoxify, cleanse, and heal.”

Exclusive Moisturizing Facial

“This facial is a drink for your skin! Removes dullness, stimulates circulation and replenishes dehydration. The treatment is great for evening out pigmentation. The results will leave you with a bright, balanced, glowing complexion. Hydrate, restore, and brighten.”

Exclusive Anti-Aging FacialĀ 

“This luscious facial stimulates, revitalizes, and promotes circulation. The treatment smoothes fine lines, hydrates, improves elasticity, as well as evens out the complexion. The restorative elements promote skin cell renewal and balance. Lift, firm, and refine.”

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