Energy Work

I am a licensed esthetician and also a master level reiki practitioner. In addition to getting facials and waxing, many of my long time regular clients also come to see me for energy work. The energy work that I do incorporates a wide range of healing modalities including therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, body work, guided meditation, chakra alignment, cutting cords, and breathing techniques. The term “reiki” means universal light force energy. I would describe my technique as a type of laying of hands which is one of the spiritual gifts outlined in the Bible. While I work with a Judeo-Christian perspective, you do not have to be of a particular faith or religion to benefit from touch healing or energy work. The belief of energy centers or chakras spans across the globe throughout many cultures and world religions. Since ancient times, stones or crystals have been used for healing purposes. Several of the stones I work with are the ones described in Exodus on the breastplate of righteousness of the high priest, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. These include ruby, topaz, emerald, turquoise, sapphire, diamond, opal, agate, amethyst, beryl, onyx and jasper. This work is meant to be used in conjunction with the care and recommendations of your physician and is only meant to supplement and not replace medical care. That being said, healing with the vibrational energy of crystals can be very powerful and life changing. It can help you to facilitate acceptance, gratitude and abundance into your life. I also do angel card readings which are beneficial in helping you to connect with your guardian angels. Often times you will find that messages from your loved ones whom have passed away come through for you once you establish a relationship with the angels. I work in the present tense and cannot predict what will happen in the future but rather help you to explore what you are currently experiencing as a result of your past experiences. It is not unusual for me to incorporate the use of spirit guides or animal totems through visions during therapeutic touch, the use of oracle cards or both.