Seasonal Food

Seasonal Food

We love fresh seasonal foods at Balans and enjoyed sharing some seasonal favorites with you at the grand opening party. It seems that this time of year as we go though the holidays starting with Halloween, then Thanksgiving and straight through Christmas time there is constantly an occasion in which it is tempting to indulge. We wanted our food choices to reflect our principles of clean eating while still being delicious and inviting. How do you entertain lots of people and offer good nutritious whole food selections? Our talented in house chef, Marie Aspling had the answers.

So what was served at the party?


Quinoa Harvest Salad
Dijon & Organic White Wine Vinegar Dressing
Organic quinoa, organic black lentils, organic scallions, organic red and green peppers, organic broccoli, organic carrots, organic cilantro.

Oven Roasted & Glazed Rainbow Carrots
Organic red balsamic vinegar, raw local honey, Himalayan salt, white pepper.

Organic Autumn Delight
Organic mixed Fall squash, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg, Himalayan salt, white pepper.

Oven Roasted Organic Brussel Sprouts
Organic walnut oil, Himalayan salt, white pepper.

Organic Farm Potato Medley
Organic sage, thyme & rosemary, organic red potatoes, organic sweet potatoes, organic red onions, organic garlic cloves, organic olive oil, organic walnut oil, Himalayan salt, white pepper.

Organic Mixed Lettuce & Herbs
Raspberry & organic red wine vinegar dressing, organic mixed lettuce, organic mixed herbs, shaved honey, toasted almonds, organic cranberries.

Assorted fruit, cheese, dark chocolate & gluten free crackers.

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