Age Reversing Sunscreen

Age Reversing Sunscreen

What if your sunscreen not only protected your skin from future signs of aging but also worked to smooth existing wrinkles and fine lines? Well, that is exactly what Sonya Dakar’s MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 does. This product made it’s debut in the Spring of 2012, and according to Nate Dakar, has “taken sun protection and anti- aging to another level”. It works by combining regenerative apple stem cells with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Most women do not want to use alot of products at the beach or when sitting poolside on vacation making it tempting to skip steps of thier normal skincare regimen. This new addition addition to the MicroVenom line answers prayers of women everywhere. It delivers the anti- aging benefits of synthetic snake venom with SPF 30.

I often talk with clients about the importance of active ingregients and the quality of the products they choose. Sonya Dakar prides its products on combining the best of science and nature. This lightweight sunscreen won’t leave you feeling greasy and is proof that luxury and effeciency are not mutually exclusive.

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