Keep on Brazilian Waxing During Pregnancy

PregWax2 While I can not comment on what your OBGYN is thinking at the moment you deliver your newborn, I can definitely tell you what you do not want to be thinking about- grooming. I hear this topic come up quite frequently. In ten years of practice as an esthetician specializing in Brazilian Bikini Waxing, I have heard alot of clients opinions and thoughts on this topic. Many of these women waxed monthly during pregnancy. More often than not, my pregnant clients are ones that have been getting regular waxes and see no reason to stop while pregnant. There is absolutely no harm to the baby. I have waxed clients the day before they gave birth. That said, make sure to have an experienced esthetician do this waxing. Over the years, I have also met clients that waited until the end of their pregnancy to get a Brazilian Wax done. They always regret waiting. Hair is generally much thicker and this makes the service more difficult to do. This due largely to hormones as well as taking pre-natal vitamins. It is time to book that Brazilian Bikini Wax that you are putting off. Monthly waxing appointments make the process more painless. The longer a hair grows, the more mature the root gets. Shaving does not remove the root. The best reason to wax during pregnancy, however is for AFTER the birth. I am sure that your OBGYN is more concerned about the delivery and health of your baby. A lot of women come in right before the baby comes… but not nearly as many come in the week, month, 3 months AFTER the baby. They simply have no time. Not only have I heard women tell me that they were glad to be groomed for the delivery, but also how nice it was not to think about it afterwards. This is especially true for women that have a C-Section. Shaved hair is awfuly itchy and uncomfortable around the scar. Waxing removes the root, and the skin is able to heal better. That, my friends, is why you should time your waxing appointments throughout your pregnancy.

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