Snake Venom Facial- Trending in Hollywood


Who do celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Madonna, and Drew Barymore trust with thier deepest skin care concerns? The answer is Beverly Hills based, Sonya Dakar. She offers them a unique alternitive to injectables- The Snake Venom Facial. Do not worry if you are someone like me who fears snakes more than needles. This type of snake, or syna-ke, only mimics the botox-like effects of temple viper venom. It was develpoed by Sonya Dakar Skincare co-founders, Israel and Nate Dakar after studying real Southeast Asian Temple Viper venom. This ingredient makes one powerful anti-aging product!

This facial is a must for anyone concerned with visible signs of aging. It works to relax the facial muscles. It is both preventive and restorative. This means that while you do not have to wait until wrinkles appear to benefit from this potent ingredient, it will also work to deminish the apearance of exising fine lines and wrinkles. Sonya Dakar’s Microvenom products are infused with 9 active ingredients that work to turn over dead skin cells and give you that celebrity glow. They work by stimulating collagen and fighting harmful free radicals. This is one measure of extreme beauty that is definitely worth it.

So what is involved?

The Snake Venom Anti-aging Facial is actually quite relaxing. You lie down in a room with soft lights and a comfy bed. I apply each product using various massage techniques. You are massaged, your skin cleansed and toned, while I loosen up tight muscles in your shoulders, neck, jaw and forehead. I use pressure points to relax your facial muscles and stimulate target areas of your face. Massage also helps the skin absorb this powerful serum. This treatment also protects your skin against enviromental factors. An anti-aging mask is then applied. The whole process can be done in an hour. The result is a fully relaxed brighter looking you.

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